Marky's Pilipit

Marky’s Prime Bake was created by Evelyn Gubat in 1988.  She’s been an entrepreneur for many years. Marky's represents not so much what they had been exposed to, but what they had not been able to find.

First and foremost, they were intent on providing a healthier and more varied alternative to the generally fatty and uninspiring bakery products.  Instead, unique biscuits (and pastries!), lots of healthy and non-fat goodies are the basis for most of Marky's products.  However, even with the theory that bakery food can be good for you, Marky's will admit to having its share of goodies that are not eaten strictly for their health effects (case in point: Otap sugar biscuits). Read more...


Mission & Vision

MISSION: To promote healthy and sustainable alternative lifestyle choices and foster social activism to its customers and community though common interest and enjoyment in biscuits.

VISION: To be a consolidator of independent cultures both locally and abroad though universal awareness, enthusiasm and passion on biscuits.


now available is USA