Marky's Brief History

Marky’s Prime Bake was created by Evelyn Gubat in 1988.  She’s been an entrepreneur for many years. Marky's represents not so much what they had been exposed to, but what they had not been able to find.

First and foremost, they were intent on providing a healthier and more varied alternative to the generally fatty and uninspiring bakery products.  Instead, unique biscuits (and pastries!), lots of healthy and non-fat goodies are the basis for most of Marky's products.  However, even with the theory that bakery food can be good for you, Marky's will admit to having its share of goodies that are not eaten strictly for their health effects (case in point: Otap sugar biscuits).

In addition to establishing the quality of the food, they also wanted to create an exceptional made-from-scratch, on-site bakery, complete with all the sights, sounds, aromas, and flavors that will utilize the Filipino recipe to the fullest. However, due to high cost of equipment and real estate, not to mention the intricacy involved in teaching/learning the art of baking, true from the company objective of "from scratch" bakeries were fast becoming a rare sight.  Nonetheless, to achieve the goal of high quality and healthy products, a "from scratch" bakery was the only acceptable choice for the proprietor.

Inside the bakery, "chaos" comes close to describing the situation as the staff struggled to become acquainted with the new, but very small, production area.   It did not take long to comprehend that they had a size 10 business that needed to be squeezed into a size 2 production. This dilemma was the catalyst for many of the innovations that now make this complex operation possible.  It became such concerns that after sometime adjustments and major alterations were forcibly implemented.  This is not a decision made lightly when you're in debt up to your ears, and the rent is due.

When all was said and done, the business was an enormous success.  And, it continues to be so.  The recipes are still created with two ideals in mind: healthy and delicious (preferably both).  The portions are big at a low price, and the products conforms to both the proprietor’s and the customer’s palate.  The biggest change in Marky's is its number of patrons.  Nowadays their biscuits are not only esteemed by the locals but by foreigners as well.  The company has grown, and now employs over a hundred fantastic people.  And while the product line has more than doubled, the original concept is still intact - great food, great value, and great customer service.


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